[CentOS] Tomcat with squid username/password

Thu Sep 11 13:45:25 UTC 2008
Jeff Kinz <jkinz at kinz.org>

Hi, for the sake of the the CentOS email servers, would you
please turn off attaching the additional copy of your email in
HTML format?

You are sending your email out in both plain text and HTML
format, which more than doubles the size of your email, thereby
doubling the amount of bandwidth the CentOS email server has
to use to send it to the many many people on the list.  This
increases the cost of sending out your email by almost 100% but
doesn't provide any more actual content.

to see how to turn off HTML in many email clients look at
this web page: 

This is desired by the CentOS mailing list rules. per:

1. Please turn off HTML in your e-mail client for these mailing
lists.  We have several subscribers who read the list with
text only readers and they can't easily read HTML formatted
e-mails. There is a place (somewhere) for the flowery stationary
and themes that some mail clients offer ... but this is not
it. Again, please only post text e-mails to these mailing lists.

Quoted from:
(near the bottom)

Jeff Kinz