[CentOS] RE: Logwatch / spamassassin

Thu Sep 11 14:21:47 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>


Thanks for the letters. Yes, I added the whitelist, but think that is not
right either. No matter what I add in there, it will allow someone to use it
and come in.
The postmaster not getting tagged is just as scary actually.

The weird part is the mail will go to another server via smtp and not be
tagged as SPAM. How strange is that. I can only assume I should be changing
something in the logwatch file to make it not be from 'logwatch' but to
instead be 'root' or some other local user.

Since logwatch has no local user in my mail setups...maybe that is the
problem. So it might be that matter that makes it get killed by procmail or
by spamassassin.

Strange. But a very obvious problem across the net.

I will work on this more tonight and see if I can get it to run better
without whitelisting.