[CentOS] Java install

Thu Sep 11 19:15:10 UTC 2008
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

Ric Moore wrote:
> I'm used to beating on alternatives now... it's a wonder it can't be
> easier though. Well, not really, every distro out there has some unique
> formula for where things are put and that is what kills the spread of
> Linux for Joe LunchBucket as well as Admins. Hopefully, --one day--,
> there will be a 'Grand Unified Theory' for Linux. "I have a dream!" Ric

The problem is that locations are _supposed_ to be arbitrary and permit 
the co-existence of multiple versions, and even though every developer 
almost certainly has his own paths to private versions of things, the 
first thing they do to simplify setup is to pretend that no one else 
will need that - or at least not with anything packaged.

> p/s Thanks to everyone for their responses. I'm not a complete newbie,
> but this java thing has a lot of trees in the forest. I just want it to
> work correctly and not have an update blow it up (or my meddling,
> either!) 

There's not a real good way to handle things where you can't include 
versioning in the package/paths and permit multiples unless you just 
embed the dependent jvm in the RPM package of each app.  Don't laugh - 
the openfire (xmpp server) RPM does exactly that...

   Les Mikesell
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