[CentOS] cfengine and crontab

Thu Sep 11 20:36:08 UTC 2008
nate <centos at linuxpowered.net>

Ric Moore wrote:

>> The file that the document is probably referring to is root's crontab

This looks informative:


And of course the full reference guide


It'll take time to learn, though before you go much further
think about whether it's the right tool for you, it's good if
you have at least a dozen or more systems that share a fairly
common configuration. Not knowing what your environment is like
I can't advise for/against a tool like cfengine.

My environment here is about 300 systems, and my cfengine config
is about 8000 lines(I'll admit it's a fairly advanced config
in my opinion at least, been using cfe for about 3 years now).
Replacing the mess that was built by the people before I started
this job. What a mess!