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Thu Sep 11 21:33:59 UTC 2008
Rob Townley <rob.townley at gmail.com>

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 8:44 AM, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com> wrote:

> Kevin Thorpe wrote:
>> lingu wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>>  I am very much new to Linux Thin Client Concept. But know i am very
>>> much interested to create Centos 5 based thin client of  512MB on
>>> flash rom.
>>>  Can any one guide me to how to start and if you provide any suitable
>>> links that will be very much great full.
>> Instead of 'rolling your own' based on a heavy desktop/server distribution
>> like Centos, look into
>> something like Thinstation. The work has already been done for you. If you
>> want to do it as an
>> exercise then by all means continue. Look into the thin client options and
>> the rescue disk options
>> already available.
> You might also look at the k12ltsp distribution which has fedora and Centos
> spins with LTSP and some other extra packages included to network-boot thin
> clients.  Even if you don't network boot, it is handy to have everything
> else set up on the server for remote thin client use.
> http://k12ltsp.org/mediawiki/index.php/Main_Page  The EL5 version would be
> the current Centos based copy.  Some work is in progress to turn this into
> installable packages for the next fedora release, but for now it is hard to
> beat installing this distro for something that works out of the box.
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Another option is the xrdp project.  Using rdestkop on your thin client to
connect to a CentOS server with multiple simultaneous XWindows.
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