[CentOS] Re: Yum-updatesd

Fri Sep 12 22:20:01 UTC 2008
Jeremiah Heller <jeremiah at itmustbe.com>

On 12 Sep 2008, at 14:47, Scott Silva wrote:

>> If anyone uses this, do you have something similar?
> I don't run it on critical servers. I have had too many updates that  
> needed to have manual intervention to get the server running again.  
> Most were trivial to fix, but it still took someone being there to  
> fix it.

Here is how I have it configured for critical systems. Works great,  
Centos 5.2, x86. Email notices can get annoying if you're not around a  
terminal for several hours/days, as it continues to notify you each  
hour it checks and finds an update.

# how often to check for new updates (in seconds)
run_interval = 3600
# how often to allow checking on request (in seconds)
updaterefresh = 600

# how to send notifications (valid: dbus, email, syslog)
emit_via = email
# should we listen via dbus to give out update information/check for
# new updates
dbus_listener = yes

# automatically install updates
do_update = no
# automatically download updates
do_download = no
# automatically download deps of updates
do_download_deps = no

# who to notify
email_to = root at localhost
email_from = yum at localhost