[CentOS] Java install

Sat Sep 13 01:11:48 UTC 2008
Ric Moore <wayward4now at gmail.com>

On Thu, 2008-09-11 at 12:38 -0400, Steve Huff wrote:
> On Sep 11, 2008, at 12:01 PM, Ric Moore wrote:
> > While using Fedora, I always used java straight from Sun. What is
> > recommended for CentOS?? Getting jetty, java and other java apps  
> > working
> > correctly has been a real chore. If I used nothing but RPMs for  
> > CEntOS,
> > would I have a real working java install? I need some help on this one
> > badly. Ric
> http://jpackage.org/ makes your life easier.

Having a heckuva time finding a usable mirror at that site via yum. I
finally just did it the old fashioned way and grabbed it off of Sun. Now
I get the Dancing Dan and everything is peachy. I'll be thankful and
make a wave offering of a nicely smoked beef brisket, since BBQ (not
quite a burnt offering, but close!) is pleasing to the nostrils of the
Lord. One does not live in Texas for any length of time without learning
how to properly smoke beef brisket until it's as tender as fillet.
<grins> Ric

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