[CentOS] java yum problem

Sat Sep 13 16:49:01 UTC 2008
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

Ric Moore wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-09-13 at 07:27 -0400, William L. Maltby wrote:
>> On Sat, 2008-09-13 at 01:10 -0400, Ric Moore wrote:
>>> Error: Missing Dependency: /usr/bin/rebuild-security-providers is needed
>>> by package java-1.4.2-gcj-compat
>>> I'm digging all over the place for this one. Has anyone a clue?? When I
>>> use:
>>> yum whatprovides /usr/bin/rebuild-security-providers it returns:
>>> jpackage-utils.noarch : JPackage utilities
>>> I've installed this from several sources. Nothing seems to provide the
>>> rebuild thing. I've used mc to looking inside the rpms I've found and
>>> none have it. So, I would guess something else does. Thanks, Ric
>> I don't know the answer, but I have a guess. I've noticed that often a
>> prerequisite is installed one place (maybe it changed from a former
>> location) and the dependent thinks it's elsewhere. The solution is often
>> a symlink (until the dependent gets "caught up").
>> If you do an "updatedb" and then "locate security-providers", you might
>> get lucky. If it turns out that it's really not on your system, the
>> google approach often yields clues to a solution.
> Thank you, Bill. I did that and it revealed much. I found that the
> jpackage I installed was flawed, lacking that file. I used the rpm from
> my CentOS DVD and that fixed it. I have my fingers crossed that Java7
> will be un-encumbered legally enough that an official rpm can be
> released with all of the JDK's glory intact, and mesh with the rpm way
> of keeping packages and dependencies straight. Free Rainbow-Stew and
> Bubble-Up are my next targets. I had the jdk installed in /opt and it
> worked. Then I decided to put it into /usr/java using the rpm.bin. That
> sure fixed things. Not! <grins> Ric

It should work if you follow the jpackage instructions for their nosrc 
rpm where you download the Sun binary and rebuild it into an 
alternatives-compatible package that also supplies the jvm dependencies 
for the other jpackage packages.  I won't try to be more specific than 
that because I always find it confusing myself, but it does work if you 
can find the right pieces.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com