[CentOS] 4.7 update issues?

Sat Sep 13 18:28:14 UTC 2008
RobertH <roberth at abbacomm.net>

> >
> indeed, specifically, did those issues with the broken kernel update get
> sorted out?

I dunno about any kernel issues on mirrors or syncing or whatever...

After a quick backup set check, I bit the bullet on one of our main CentOS
4.6 i386 production boxes and did a full update to CentOS 4.7 i386 yet
excluding the kernel* update in the /etc/yum.conf

Reboot and after quick check, it appears there are no noticeable issues.

As a side note, this particular box started about as an original CentOS4
approx 4 years ago and has been updated many times without one issue.

Again, good work CentOS team and supporters!

 - rh