[CentOS] Installing nVidia driver on remote CentOS 4

Sun Sep 14 07:20:24 UTC 2008
John <jses27 at gmail.com>

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Subject: [CentOS] Installing nVidia driver on remote CentOS 4

There's a linux cluster somewhere (using Rocks), and I use remote desktop
(nxmachine) to do the work on the frontend of the cluster. The desktop is
Gnome. And, I intend to install new nVidia driver, but it requires me to
stop the X Server. I check around the internet, they say we can use the
/etc/init.d/gdm stop, but I can't run it since the gdm file does not exist.
Another alternative is by rebooting the Linux (of course, we change the
inittab before). But I don't know how to reboot remotely. Moreover, I don't
know if it is safe to reboot Linux remotely, because I can't physically
access the linux workstation. Oh, the operating system of the Linux is
CentOS 4. 
What should I do ?
JohnStanley Writes:

Why are you even worried about installing the Nvidia driver on a Cluster? It
should only be running in Run Level 3. Beside it's not going to make your NX
Client session any much faster Also to it does not have to be in run level 5
to access it with NX.

Hint: If that's what you really want then enter runlevel 3 (# init 3). Then
start the driver install, but you may very well be asking for a Night Mare
doing this to a Cluster. Be warned if the cluster OS runs off a san server
as well as all the cluster nodes it could be trouble, (Diskless).