[CentOS] problem with FTP server

Mon Sep 15 16:55:58 UTC 2008
nate <centos at linuxpowered.net>

fabian dacunha wrote:
> Dear All,
> i have the following centos FTP local FTP server having the following
> Centos 5
> vsftpd-2.0.5-10.el5
> its been running fine for abt 2 years or so
> Now with IE5 or IE6 when i say ftp://ip address of FTP server it asks me
> for the username and password and if its correct i directly go to the
> /var/ftp/pub directly which is perfect

You should contact support for IE7 and ask them that.

Another thing to try, something I always recommend for people
using web browsers to connect to ftp sites that are not anonymous,
is to ftp with this url:


Of course don't include the <>'s