[CentOS] CentOS on Dell Poweredge 2850

Tue Sep 16 11:28:11 UTC 2008
Sorin@Gmail <sorin.srbu at gmail.com>

Lunix1618 <> scribbled on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 12:45 PM:

>>>> Our department's planning to buy a refurbished Dell Poweredge 2850
>>>> running dual-xeons and with a rather big raid array (8x 146GB).
>>>> *My* plan is to install CentOS on this machine and I'd like to hear with
>>>> you guys if there are any gotchas' doing this.
>>>> My main concern is the ability of CentOS to recognise the raid-controller
>>>> of the Dell and run a raid5-array as well as drivers for the onboard
>>>> NICs.
>>> I am running Dell 2950 III and no issue with hardware recognization of
>>> CentOs (5.2 Final)
>>> The one small thing is I can not extend the RAID volume because at the
>>> beginning time we only have 03 HDD now when we buy new HDD we recognize
>>> that RAID controller (PERC 6/i) doesn't support add new HDD to existing
>>> volume :( so only a choice is rebuild it.
>> Fast reply, thx. 8-)
>> No hw-issues sounds good!
>> Do you mean extending the array from within CentOS or at firmware level at
>> boot-time?
> for both, because the RAID controller doesn't support. that is not
> CentOS issue.

Ah, ok, Thx for the clarification.

>> I doubt however this'd be an issue with us, since the machine comes fully
>> loaded from start with eight disks and we're not likely to add any more,
>> new or bigger, except in the case of a disk-failure.
> Yeah, you rite and lucky :)

I'm bound to be lucky after all the bad luck I've had recently with hardware... 
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