[CentOS] CentOS on Dell Poweredge 2850

Tue Sep 16 15:34:45 UTC 2008
Nick Goddard <nickg at sigmer.com>

On Tuesday 16 September 2008 12:54, Spook ZA wrote:
> Has anyone got Dell OpenManage running on CentOS so one can monitor the
> server components via their web interface and via snmp?
> Regards,
>   Andrew.

I've had CentOS 4 and 5 running on several 2850's for a few years now - now 
problems at all. I've had disk failures - no problem just remove the disk and 
put in a new one - hardware automatically rebuilds.

I've installed the OpenManage software without any problems either - before 
install you *may* need to change the string in /etc/redhat-release to make it 
look like RedHat official as I believe the software used to check that file - 
just change it back after install. (not sure if this is true of the later 
releases of OpenManage).


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