[CentOS] Re: How to check for rootkit, troians etc in backed up files?

Tue Sep 16 20:40:10 UTC 2008
Glenn <centos at 1bigadmin.biz>

At 04:04 PM 9/16/2008, you wrote:
>on 9-16-2008 12:25 PM Alex spake the following:
>>On Tue, 16 Sep 2008 12:08:46 -0700
>>Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com> took out a #2 pencil and
>>>>Thanks (even if late!) for the suggestions, I've applied them.
>>>A reply in 3 days is late? That is good for a lot of lists.
>>>Your thank you almost 2 weeks later is what is late.
>>I think that's what he meant. At least that's what my reality
>>distortion field says. =-P
>Sorry... Bad day ... Short fuse...
>Insert virtual slappings below...

Me too.. rough day, that is.
Go home, have a ________ (insert your favorite beverage) and thank 
your ______ (insert higher-power) that things weren't worse!

That's my plan!