[CentOS] CentOS on Dell Poweredge 2850

Wed Sep 17 09:09:34 UTC 2008
Ian Forde <ian at duckland.org>

On Wed, 2008-09-17 at 10:26 +0200, Sorin at Gmail wrote:
> Thx. A former unix-admin at the dept thinks it might be a little on the old
> side hardware-wise, this particular server is about four years old. I'm
> split...
> This particular Poweredge modell is certified for RHEL 2 and 3. If I'd try to
> install RHEL5 on it, would bad things happen, or is it just a support issue?
> Seeing how CentOS 5.2 is equivalent to RHEL5, I don't see *what* could happen
> though... Kernel panics??

Still don't forsee any problems... I was running RHL 7.2 and 9 on
PowerEdge 2850 boxes 6 years ago without problems, though I didn't have
OMSA on them (not even sure if it was available for RHL at that time).
There shouldn't be a problem with CentOS 5.2 though.  You've got a PERC
5/i, and I know that's supported in OMSA under RHEL 5.2.  So I'd say
just go for it... and if you want more confirmation that it's certified
and supported for RHEL 5.2, you can check the http://support.dell.com
page, specify a PowerEdge 2850, and choose RHEL5.  The fact that it's
there indicates that it's working for Dell, let people outside of
Dell... RH had an entry at
https://hardware.redhat.com/show.cgi?id=232290 but the link is busted.
But it still shows that it's certified...