[CentOS] Strange browser displays with 5.x on Dell GX-260

Thu Sep 18 06:47:23 UTC 2008
Dick Roth <raroth7 at comcast.net>

Lanny Marcus wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 5:44 PM, Dick Roth <raroth7 at comcast.net> wrote:
>> I had been running CentOS 4.x for quite some time with no problems.
>> Apparently I stubbed my toe when installing CentOS 5 final.
>> Symptoms:  various web sites are not properly displayed in Firefox 3.0.1 (or
>> predecessors).  In particular, cnn.com and any calls to Google display with
>> a screen full of ascii characters rather than images.  When I look at "page
>> info" within Firefox, it shows "quirk" mode rendering rather than "standards
>> compliant" mode.
>> BTW, I'm running the same version (in fact, using the same DVD iso) on my
>> home machine, a Gigabyte system I've cobble up, with no such problem.
>> Any ideas out there?
> Only a "WAG". I'm using Firefox 3.0.1 on CentOS 5.2 (32 bit) and just
> looked at CNN (International and U.S. versions), with, as you see
> at home, no problem(s). Possibly a Graphics issue? Did you "Upgrade"
> from CentOS 4.x to 5 or did you do a "Clean" install?  BTW, I had
> issues with Firefox 2.x, with Gmail.com for example, that went away,
> after I upgraded to CentOS 5.2 and got Firefox 3.x.  I think there
> were major library changes, from CentOS 4.x to 5.0 and if you
> Upgraded, something may be awry. Possibly remove Firefox and then
> install again, in case something is corrupted. GL
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This was a clean install, however I kept my /home directory intact.  The 
rest of the partitions were reformatted.


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