[CentOS] Network issues with CentOS 5.2

Fri Sep 19 17:51:30 UTC 2008
Anthony Kamau <akcentos at anroet.com>

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> DHCP. I connected to the net fine and began downloading open office. I
> left for the day and came back and I can no longer get back online. The
> eth-0 wont even activate unless I manually enter a static IP but still
> can not establish a connection online. I treid reinstalling to no avail.
> Even built a completely new box and still no avail. I am using CentOS
> 5.2 i386 DVD.

I experienced something similar and it turned out that if you run an update
and the kernel changes, then you need to update the network drivers to match
up with the installed kernel.

If you provide details on the type of NIC on your system, I may be able to
provide more help.