[CentOS] Multiple Linux instances on the same box - dual/triple/etc boot ?

Fri Sep 19 20:16:53 UTC 2008
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

kevin kempter wrote:
> Hi List;
> I have a new dev server. As an independent consultant I want to maximize 
> it's use. Some of my clients use RedHat/CentOS 64 bit, others 
> Redhat/CentOS 32bit, some are even using Fedora and Debian.
> Here's my thought:
> I'd like to install each OS/version into it's own space on the disk.  
> I'm thinking all I have to do is install one OS (say CentOS 64bit) and 
> partition say 20% of the disk. Then once the install is done, boot into 
> the latest fedora disk and do the same, etc.
> Is this correct ?
> Later I want to add a disk array and allocate a RAID mount point that 
> can be mounted by any of the installed Linux'es when it's active.
> Is this do-able ? Easily ?

Yes you can do that, but if you have plenty of RAM you might find it 
nicer to install the OS you'll run most on the base hardware, then 
install the free vmware server and install all the others as vmware 
guests so you can run one or more without having to reboot or shut down 
the base system.  The guest images normally live in ordinary files on 
the host so they are easy to manage and they can nfs-mount a common 
share from the host or other system fo access to common space.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com