[CentOS] Multiple Linux instances on the same box - dual/triple/etc boot ?

Sat Sep 20 12:11:21 UTC 2008
Brett Serkez <bserkez at gmail.com>

On Fri, Sep 19, 2008 at 7:34 PM, admin <mick at mjhall.org> wrote:
> Yes, this seems like a case where virtualisation is a good solution. I've
> only just started learning to run Xen myself, but the advantages of
> virtualisation over dual/triple booting etc are pretty clear. As well as the
> ones you mention, different machines can also be run concurrently and
> networked.

I have recently put virtualized xen CentOS host and guests into
production, using the standard tools in CentOS 5 and all works well.
Not sure about the VMServer since I haven't tried it, but with xen
built into the kernel and what I've seen of the tools such as
virt-manager, virt-clone, virt-image, it is very light and simple and
should work well for the needs described.

In in this case, I'd suggest formatting the whole disk, with a very
large partition to hold xen image files, files that represent the
hard-drives of the guests.  While disk io in the guests is a bit
slower, the flexibility should be worth it, as imaging a guest is no
more difficult than a file copy.  The guests can access the host's
storage via NFS or Samba just as an networked host can.