[CentOS] Sendmail and headers

Mon Sep 22 12:56:18 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

At last a lifeline.
That would be the canonical hostname right, the $j?

So would you use masquerade or some kind of local_domain setting to make the
receiving client see the proper information in ehlo relating to the domain
that sent it?
So the server would respond to the request with the proper ip and
mailmydomain.com instead of server ip and serverhostname.

Hey...and thanks for any help. This last bit is killing me. 

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> > 
> > Where it should have the ip address of the website and the website 
> > mail.website.com...
> This line is added by the RECEIVING machine.  The IP address 
> is that which connected to the receiving machine.  The "ehlo" 
> value reported is that used by the sending machine, and is 
> set by the Dj line in sendmail.cf (confDOMAIN_NAME in 
> sendmail.mc) on the sending machine.
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