[CentOS] Sendmail and headers

Mon Sep 22 13:28:08 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>


> The IP address reported is the _actual_ IP address of the 
> machine connecting, not the IP address of the "ehlo" 
> response.  You can't masquerade that in sendmail at all.
> If you set the canonical name (Dj, confDOMAIN_NAME) then your 
> machine will pretend to be that name for 
> sending/receiving/EHLO etc etc.
> So the _hostname_ shown in the EHLO response can be changed, 
> but the IP address can _not_.

(hopefully this is right, text, bottom, cut text)

I am thinking there is no way then, to use virtual domains and have the mail
server show up as mail.mydomain.com at all. It will be my hostname I have
now and that is it.

I tried resetting the DNS records so the mail servers pointed to the domain
on the IP for the hostname, but that did not work, still came up as 'flakey'
in the headers and bounced as spam from yahoo and stuff.

Well...at least I can stop dealing with masquerade, that was annoying as

Stephen, thank you for clearing this up a bit. I see the answer to
virtualhost mails working correctly are gonna be hard, and obviously in a
different direction.

Oh what fun programming is......