[CentOS] Sendmail and headers

Mon Sep 22 15:01:42 UTC 2008
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Bob Hoffman wrote:
>> I don't know what you mean by "some domains".  How are you 
>> implementing the domains?
> I have a server. It has centos.
> I run apache. I have domains on there, websites.. Each is listed in the dns
> and some are ip based and some name based.

a mail server needs REVERSE DNS that matches its announced name for best 
results.   have all your domains use the same 'real' hostname for the MX 
record, and whatever IP this server needs to reverse to that same name, 
or at least a name in the same domain  (my server reverses to 
hogranch.com, and uses mail.hogranch.com as its email MX, this seems 
acceptable to most... this server delivers mail for several different