[CentOS] RAID / OS Monitoring tools ?

Tue Sep 23 00:10:42 UTC 2008
John <jses27 at gmail.com>

JohnStanley Writes:

 Please see "linux.dell.com" and search for "OMSA". With just one machine it
may be a little over kill but provides a GUI for all administration of the
server. Other wise you can direct all inquiries to
"linux-poweredge at dell.com", just sgn up for the list.

There are also depending on your raid card, "Mega-Cli or PERC" Non GUI tools
to assist you.


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Hi List;

I just got a new server (my first **real** server).

It's a dell 2900 :
quad core XEON (with a spare slot for a 2nd quad core chip) 8G memory
(expandable to 64G)
8 hot swap SATA HD slots onboard
PERC6i RAID controller

I initially setup the system / RAID as follows:

1)  booted off the dell setup CD
2) walked through the RAID setup and formatted the drives
3) the setup bombed when it asked for a RHEL install media (I suspect cause
I gave it a CentOS 5 install DVD instead)
4) powered off
5) restarted the box with the CentOS DVD in the drive and installed CentOS 5

The RAID configuration was as I had set it up in the DELL setup cd so I'm

Now I want to be able to monitor the box, specifically with respect to the
RAID drives so I'll know if one has gone bad and the RAID configuration has
failed over to it. Anyone have any suggestions for tools to use ?

Thanks in advance...

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