[CentOS] Getting perl CGI programs to work on CentOS 5 server

Tue Sep 23 22:57:15 UTC 2008
Bob Beers <bob.beers at gmail.com>

>> Check your web server logs to find out what went wrong.
> Thanks everybody, but I still can't find the server log(s)!
> I've looked at /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and it says the following
> about location of the error log:
> # ErrorLog: The location of the error log file.
> # If you do not specify an ErrorLog directive within a <VirtualHost>
> # container, error messages relating to that virtual host will be
> # logged here.  If you *do* define an error logfile for a <VirtualHost>
> # container, that host's errors will be logged there and not here.
> #
> ErrorLog logs/error_log
> But when I look for files with the name error_log I don't see anything
> which looks like a (plain text) server error log file - and there is no
> such file in the /etc/httpd/logs directory. Where am I going wrong
> please?
> Andy

maybe ...
ls /var/log/httpd/*log