[CentOS] non-graphics install or fix xorg.conf?

Wed Sep 24 12:56:25 UTC 2008
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

nate wrote:
> Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>> How best to proceed?
> I assume this computer has a network connection? Put the kickstart
> config on a http server.
> Though I've long had problems with LVM and kickstart, it often
> causes anaconda to crash (going back at least as far as RHEL 3).
> Maybe 5.x is better in this regard.
Sounds good. Afterall, I am using the network card with the askmethod to 
select http to get to my local repo install of running through 6 CDs.

But this begs 2 questions:

How to access the kickstart via http (and where to put it, somewhere in 
the /centos/5/os/i386 structure?).


What to put into the kickstart to get it to finish in text mode? And how 
to set the xorg.conf size? THis will be a lot of reading up on 
kickstart. Been a couple of years since I did my own kickstart. I did 
figure out how to setup my drive info...