[CentOS] Centos and colocation....

Wed Sep 24 17:10:40 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

> Good job Bob,
> Now you get to do it again for "redundancy" just in case the 
> main box somehow croaks, ya gotta be auto failover redundant, 
> or have a hot or cold spare sync'd
> Surprise!
Don't even go there....lol
Still 10 times better than my dedicated ever could be. Proud of that. And
for 150 a month... And I got a spare 1u sitting there.

Got a spare motherboard, fans, powersupply sitting here 5 minutes from the
server. 3 drives in a software raid 1 with one as a hot spare and one extra
for a backup. 2 cpus, 2 mem sticks.....
If the case breaks I am screwed though. Gonna add a second comp with a slave
database and vice versa when I can afford a second one.

The next step will be branching to two servers...and that will just be as
long off as I can make it.

My business plan is to make enough money so that when it comes to branching
to a second server I can hire one of you maniacs to bang your head against
it while I go to the beach..