Wed Sep 24 19:52:09 UTC 2008
Andrew Norris <andrewn at locus.net>

Back to the PTR RR:

$ dig +short MX bobhoffman.com
10 mail.bobhoffman.com.
$ dig +short A mail.bobhoffman.com
$ dig +short -x

mail.bobhoffman.com != bobhoffman.com

This may not be your main problem, but it certainly isn't helping 
matters.  Yahoo seems to be pretty picky on reverse DNS.  I had a VPS 
running a mail server where the PTR matched the host.  I was relegated 
to yahoo's spam folder until changed from the default PTR which looked 
mildly like a dialup.

Bob Hoffman wrote:
>> Just a WAG, but make sure you have a PTR record for your 
>> machine that is sending email.
>> If you actually got the bounce, check the headers, it is the 
>> first best place to look.
> No, no bounce. They get delivered. Just show up in the spam folder
> everytime.
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