Wed Sep 24 20:16:51 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>


> If we ignore the surrounding IPs (too many without rDNS), he 
> has a very simple setup, that should not cause any problems.

> generic PTRs are a different matter.

Surrounding ips? A lot was from my computer to the smtp server..the rest was
just mine.
It is really simple, not much in there at all.


I have full control over my ips...almost. The datacenter has to add a PTR
record for each domain. They said they only need to add mydomain.com, only
one record per ip and not anything like mail or ftp, etc.

Doing dns checks at pingbilly (strange ass name) 
Show everything is groovy.


I think tonight we will see about spf. I also read that sometimes it takes a
while, like a week or so before yahoo will respond joyfully to your spf. No
instant happiness it seems.

I should just send letters via usps to yahoo and have them scan them to
their users....be easier.