Wed Sep 24 21:53:33 UTC 2008
mouss <mouss at netoyen.net>

Andrew Norris wrote:
> John Kordash wrote:
>>> mail.bobhoffman.com != bobhoffman.com
>> Careful here.  Email senders have nothing to do with MX records.  
>> Email receivers do.
>> I believe bobhoffman.com is the email sender in this case.
>> I would doubt this is an issue.  Any split in/out mail server is going 
>> to have a different host for receipt (MX) than send.
>> -John
> You're right, I was making an assumption I shouldn't have.  Namely that 
> there was a single host/ip for both sending and receiving email.  Going 
> back to the logs he posted I'd say that assumption was correct in the end.
>  From the yahoo headers:
> "Received:   from (EHLO mail.bobhoffman.com)"
> So his MTA is EHLOing as mail.bobhoffman.com
> mail.bobhoffman.com resolves to (matches the incoming ip)
> reverses to bobhoffman.com (which doesn't match the host)
> As far as I can tell this will hurt his score.

no, it won't.
- his IP is This resolves to bobhoffman.com, which resolves 
back to the IP. all good.

- his helo is mail.bobhoffman.com, which resolves to, which 
is the server that sends mail. that's more than perfect.

- his helo starts with "mail.". He gets a bonus in some places.

> Or am I missing something?

"double lookup" is IP -> name -> IP. you don't do name -> IP -> name.