[CentOS] Update troubles for wxGTK apps

Thu Sep 25 00:35:43 UTC 2008
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>

On Tue, 23 Sep 2008, fred smith wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 09:12:12AM +0200, Nicolas Thierry-Mieg wrote:
>> fred smith wrote:
>>> On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 08:19:37PM -0400, John wrote:
>>>> So what's the proper workaround here? As far as I'm concerned, Dag has
>>>> broken the update system on our Centos boxes. Is there any other way to
>>>> allow my system to be updated than to disable using Dag's repo?
>>>> (not including removing Audacity--which I don't use a LOT, but I do use
>>>> it.)
>>>> ###################################################
>>>> JohnStanley Writes:
>>>> Sure is, just use yum prioritys so when you do yum update it will exclude
>>>> "DAGS-Repo". Just follow the tutorial on wiki.centos.org.
>>> I've had that set up ever since I first added any repositories.
>>> I've got it set to a priority of 10, is there a better value to use?
>> yum priority is for giving priority to one repo over another...
>> Totally irrelevant here, the the issues are rpmforge-only: the rf
>> audacity needs GTK 2.6 while new builds of VLC and others (still rf) now
>> need GTK 2.8.
>> Both GTK 2.6 and GTK 2.8 are available in rpmforge.
>> So, you have to choose your own priorities, no software can make the
>> choice for you:
>> - either you upgrade GTK to 2.8, which requires uninstalling audacity
>> (until some time in the probably not so distant future where Dag
>> resolves the issues and manages to build audacity with GTK 2.8);
>> - or you stick to GTK 2.6, which means you have to keep your older
>> versions of VLC and any other package whose newer versions were rebuilt
>> with GTK 2.8.
>> Why is this such a big deal??
>> If it's really that critical to you, I'm sure Dag could use your help
>> getting that audacity thing to build with GTK 2.8.
> It's a big deal only in the sense that with a properly configured
> yum system I cannot update my system without disabling a repository
> that wants to give me incompatible updates, incompatible with itself.
> I can certainly disable rpmforge, and as far as I can see that's my
> only option here unless I want to mess around with audacity.
> Somehow I was operating under the (apparent) delusion that the repo
> maintainers would ensure they didn't create situations like this, so
> that users wouldn't end up unable to update.
> but if I don't want to do the devel work and especially if I was a user
> who didn't know how to disable a repo, I'd be stuck here. So I asked if
> there was any choice other than doing that. I've not heard that other
> people find it to be an issue, so maybe I'm just overly sensitive,
> but it seems like a breakage to me. What do I know.
> I do not and did not mean to be offensive to Dag, and I apologize if
> I was--it just seemed like an issue that would be affecting a lot more
> people than just me and I wanted to see what others were doing about it.
> So far I've not heard what that is.

Drop yum and use apt. At least apt will not just drop out but give a 
workable solution based on the packages you have installed and the 
possible solutions.

In fact I don't care about this breakage that much, because it should not 
be affecting you. Sadly, you are using yum.

Or you might be making yourself useful by trying to build audacity against 
the new environment (wxGTK) and let me know if you can make it work.

It is indeed sad that you cannot use yum anymore simply because there is a 
dependency issue. In fact, the most important reason for not mixing 
repositories is because yum dies on it, while other depsolvers give you 
solutions to make it work.

One might wonder why Red Hat choose the worst depsolver from the 
possibilities that existed at the time. And still hasn't improved the 

Of course the official word is: a repository should not break
My response is: yum should not break :)

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