[CentOS] Update troubles for wxGTK apps

Thu Sep 25 00:47:06 UTC 2008
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>

On Wed, 24 Sep 2008, Niki Kovacs wrote:

> John a écrit :
>>  I do not and did not mean to be offensive to Dag, and I apologize if I
>>  was--it just seemed like an issue that would be affecting a lot more
>>  people
>>  than just me and I wanted to see what others were doing about it.
>>  So far I've not heard what that is.
> I second that. Dag is doing great work, and for desktop users, CentOS 
> wouldn't be the same without RPMForge. However, this update has been botched 
> up. Existing systems can be left in the present state by putting an 
> 'exclude=wxGTK amule vlc audacity' line in /etc/yum.conf. But when installing 
> a new system, 'yum install vlc audacity' does not work. This is a worry for 
> me, as I install desktop systems professionally, and I use both programs on 
> client's desktops (yes, amule too, when the client wants it... :o)). As far 
> as I'm concerned, I worked around it by simply rebuilding wxGTK (2.6), amule, 
> vlc and audacity from SRPM and putting them in my own repo with a higher 
> priority. This took the best part of an afternoon.
> My suggestion to Dag (with all respect taken): why not create a [rf-testing] 
> repo for the critical stuff, a bit like [kbsingh]?

Because I have no time for it. It is as simple as that.

And I prefer stop doing RPMforge than to spend more of my free time. 
rpmrepo was going to be RPMforge's successor (ATrpms, RPMforge, CentOS, 
all-in-one and community-based), but there is no progress there and that's 
why I am still here.

Currently, what I build is what becomes available. Often there is a delay 
because I want to make the repo as consistent as can be, but if a single 
package is holding back too many other packages I prefer to break the repo 
(I am using apt, apt can handle dependency-issues with no problem).

If someone want to step up and become a gatekeeper between a testing 
repository and a real rpmforge repository and shift the packages between, 
by all means do that and if it works, great. But I won't be doing that 
work and handle that complexity. I want to reduce the free time I spend 
maintaining packages I don't even use myself, not increase that time.

In this case audacity does not build against wxGTK 2.8.8, at least not on 
my system and nobody offered any help so far. A compat-wxGTK could be the 
solution, although compat-packages have a tendency to break even more with 
other repositories (and sadly Fedora opted NOT to follow Mandriva's lead 
in sensible package-names for libraries).

So that's the official word.

PS No waranties implied. No refund :-/

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