[CentOS] Re: DKIM

Thu Sep 25 13:44:58 UTC 2008
mouss <mouss at netoyen.net>

Bob Hoffman wrote:
>>> I think this conversation is at a point where it would make 
>> more sense 
>>> on a yahoo / email specific list.
>> Agreed! Its amazing to see the childishness of not being able 
>> to get one's server in order, ignoring Yahoo's FAQ's and then 
>> this kind of BS.
>> Thanks,
>> Josh.
> Um, no one has ignored yahoos mail practices.
> My server is set up correctly.
> I even took the step of adding spf.
> I talked to others with the same issue that use dkim
> It is still grey listed.
> After talking with yahoo, they indicate the change of ip
> addresses/server/hostname as main indicator.
> They asked for the old and the new ips, server, hostname to verify.
> But of course you do not read.
> So, you can stick your childishness up you arse and kiss mine while you are
> at it.

this is really inappropriate. many people here have tried to help you 
with what is really _your_ problem and is clearly off topic here. while 
I don't like Josh mail, yours is worst.