[CentOS] Re: DKIM

Thu Sep 25 14:07:04 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>


> Karanbir post was brief and to the point. yours is a personal attack. 
> Even if Bob missed your excellent recommendation, there is no 
> reason to get mad.
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I gotta agree that we need to close this thread. It seems whether a mailing
list or a forum thread that lasts too long starts going off topic and gets

It is very easy to misinterpret what someone meant to say, either in jest or

And as it grows, the original need is lost. The originail need was 
Do you use dkim and how did you implement it?

I think we found that DKIM is optional and not a realy need.
On top of it we found, with argument, that spf is needed, but can cause mail

Lets just end it. I think a lot of good information came out of it and a lot
of people with different knowledge areas all inputted.

Karanbir said lets drop it, so lets drop it.
No one meant to offend anyone, but it is not helping anymore.

I will check out spf in full, and not use dkim.