[CentOS] Re: vncviwer in listen mode poer number

Thu Sep 25 18:37:32 UTC 2008
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

on 9-25-2008 10:55 AM Robert Moskowitz spake the following:
> I am working on the Centos wiki instructions for doing an install via vnc:
> http://wiki.centos.org/TipsAndTricks/VncHeadlessInstall
> CD is all burned and ready to go.  I then thought about the viewer 
> settings particularly the port number and firewall rules.
> When I connect vncviewer to a vncserver it uses port(s) 590n where n is 
> the display number.  OK, is that what happens when a server connects 
> back to a -listen viewer?


> Seems not.  According to the man page, it seems the default is port 
> 5500, so I have to open up this port on the 'client' system and of 
> course allow it through my internal firewall (or put the install system 
> on the same subnet as the client and not the one with the repo server).
> Do I have this figured out right?

Yes. Port 5500 is the correct one, and you might need to also have access to 
port 5900 on the new install machine just in case you get disconnected. Then 
you can re-connect and finish.
I don't know if I would be comfortable installing over the internet with VNC 
since it is clear-text, but I guess it would be OK. I would change passwords 
on the new system after it is up just to feed my paranoia.

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