[CentOS] Re: DKIM

Thu Sep 25 22:15:00 UTC 2008
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

Toby Bluhm wrote:
> Scott Silva wrote:
> .
> .
> .
>> A "one stop shop" on everything CentOS.
> I like that approach better. A new list for email only would probably  
> lead to email threads on *both* lists, users being reminded to take the  
> <select inappropriate subject> discussion to the other list, etc.

We have no application specific lists yet (not counting centos-virt, true),
and I don't think we should have. E-Mail is the same on *every* unix and 
sometimes even on windows. So someone having problems with sendmail or exim
or postfix should go to the lists specific for those applications.

I know I also put some fuel into this fire, but I think we should let this
thread die. As Karanbir said: There were some really interesting issues in
this thread, so if someone wants to come up and put a summary of this thread
on the CentOS Wiki, nobody will stop him or her.


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