[CentOS] SIze of reformatted USB drive

Fri Sep 26 02:20:26 UTC 2008
partha chowdhury <kira.laucas at gmail.com>

William L. Maltby wrote:

> Yes, for the reasons the others posted. However, if you know the
> "profile" of what you'll have on there, a substantial amount of space
> can be recovered by 1) make sure you have large block size and 2)
> reducing the i-nodes allocated to suit.
> Do a little thinking before you make these adjustments. I've used these
> (along with the reducing root-reserved) for years w/o problems. But if
> you get too radical and/or miss the reality with your profile
> substantially, you'll be in a "rework" scenario.
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i just used the tune2fs command to recover space on my secondary drive. 
Afterwards i unmounted the drive and ran a e2fsck -f <device>. No error 
was reported. Actually i used the tune2fs when the device was mounted so 
i just became paranoid. now the e2fsck reported no error does that mean 
my filesystem is still intact and no potential harm has been done ?

when i remount the drive and run df -h i see an extra 6G of free space.

does e2fsck also check for data corruption or data integrity ?

William, can you please tell in details if more space can be recovered 
by using your two options and lastly is tweaking the default options of 
file system a good thing or bad thing ?