[CentOS] Implementing LVS changes made in Piranha GUI

Fri Sep 26 14:06:20 UTC 2008
David Dyer-Bennet <dd-b at dd-b.net>

On Thu, September 25, 2008 16:43, Barry Brimer wrote:

> By service check, I mean the send or send program line which "expects" the
> result of the "expect" line to determine that the service is "up".

Okay, I guessed about right on that.

> IME, ipvsadm does not show a host (even at startup) until it is successful
> from the send/send program / expect tests.

Good design, just not what I immediately guessed.

I have found and fixed the problem with getting to the realservers, and am
now happily distributing hundreds of thousands of requests across 4
realservers on two physical hosts, using two different operating systems. 
We'll call this a success.  (Which means I've about completed the first
phase of testing; second phase will be with workloads actually related to
our intended goal.  And after that, implementation!)

Thanks for your help!

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