[CentOS] Re: Rpmbuild and how to disable automatic dependency list creation.

Mon Sep 29 12:47:55 UTC 2008
Friedrich Clausen <fred at derf.nl>

To Reply to myself -

The method I am using with ~/.rpmmacros to stop the "find_requires"
and "perl_requires" does not actually work. Apologies for implying it

Any suggestions on how to do this are much appreciated.



On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 2:43 PM, Friedrich Clausen <fred at derf.nl> wrote:
> Hello All,
> When I build RPM packages, rpmbuild always scans all the executables,
> shared libs, perl scripts, etc. to find out which external libraries
> the application depends on. This is normally a Good Thing but I am
> currently packaging an in-house, self contained application.
> I could almost use a tarball but an RPM provides better manageability
> and also allows post-installation tasks. All shared libraries are
> under a single prefix, which is not in the system-wide ld.so.conf - it
> is configured in the startup script of the application. However,
> rpmbuild finds all these dependencies and adds them to the list of
> "Requires", which is not desirable in this case.
> My question therefore is - how can I tell rpmbuild to stop
> automatically creating a dependency list? The best I can come up with
> at the moment is to add the following to my ~/.rpmmacros (line numbers
> added by me):
> [1] %__os_install_post  /usr/lib/rpm/brp-strip-comment-note
> [2] %__find_requires   /bin/true
> [3] %__perl_requires   /bin/true
> So:
> [1] - Stop it stripping already stripped binaries.
> [2] and [3] - This stops it doing the automatic dependency list creation.
> This seems a bit heavy handed though, is there another, cleaner way to do it?
> Regards,
> Fred.