[CentOS] Re: Probably a bad set-up but which one?

Mon Sep 29 14:11:34 UTC 2008
tech <tech at laamail.com>

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> Tech wrote on Mon, 29 Sep 2008 13:01:26 +0800:
>> Oh, it does print "Hello World" OK but it also prints the "Content" line 
>> as text rather than using it as a directive.
> This is not a setup problem and not a CentOS problem. Your script is 
> probably wrong in some code. I assume with "Content" line you might mean an 
> HTTP header. There is no such header (there are headers starting with this 
> string, though). I think your question is better suited for a Perl or CGI 
> programming newsgroup.
> Kai


Thanks for your reply.

By "Content" line I meant this line:

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

I have tried many scripts, they all do this. I have problems with 
JavaScript too so I am not sure yet about this just being a Perl or CGI 
problem. I might even have multiple problems. I can see the possibility 
of permission problems, Perl problems, CGI problems, and/or browser 
problems. I am running the latest released version of all including IE 
and Firefox. All I do know is what all the examples that show this as 
working don't work. I have the book, CGI Programing 101, and can't get 
its examples to work.

It is very frustrating.