[CentOS] Re: Probably a bad set-up but which one?

Mon Sep 29 16:34:42 UTC 2008
tech <tech at laamail.com>

 > nate wrote:
> Have you tried variations on the path? e.g if your executing
> a shell I don't think ./cgi-bin/ would be a valid path, it would
> be relative to the file system itself.
> Example from my personal web site:
> <!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/multimon-new.cgi" -->


The ./cgi-bin/ is under public_html. It is set in http.conf as a CGI 
directory. The files are found OK. But, as mentioned, I have been 
confusing the proverbial apples and oranges. I will put my CGI tutorial 
books away and learn how to call CGI and JavaScripts from HTML to right way.

Thanks again.