[CentOS] Re: Re: scp partition "not a regular file"

Tue Sep 30 05:22:57 UTC 2008
henry ritzlmayr <centos at rc0.at>

Am Montag, den 29.09.2008, 13:48 -0700 schrieb nate:
> henry ritzlmayr wrote:
> > http://sammoffatt.com.au/knowledge-base-mainmenu/6-daily-linux/9-scp-and-ssh
> >
> > Describes exactly this procedure - which looks like it works there.
> hmm strange. I wouldn't expect it to work though I so rarely
> use scp anymore, rsync is better, and it behaves as I described.
> In any case I believe copying directly from the device like that is
> a bad practice to get into, unless you always plan to have that
> volume unmounted. You risk considerable data corruption if any
> data is written to the device while you are reading from it.
> nate

/dev/sda7 was just used to keep the example simple. I use this to copy
lvm based xen Dom-Us from one system to the other - either for backup or
for creating a test environment. I am fully aware that only unmounted,
it will be consistent.