[CentOS] OT - Monitoring tool

Tue Sep 30 09:18:34 UTC 2008
Finnur Örn Guðmundsson <finnzi at finnzi.com>

> Robert Spangler wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> While I know this isn't Centos related, you guys seems to be on top of
>> your
>> game around here.  Sorry for the off-topic.
>> I'm looking for a tool to monitor my servers and send either an email or
>> page
>> or both when something breaks.  I would like it to monitor all sorts of
>> services on the servers with one small detail, I'd like it to be able to
>> confiugre so if the DBA need something monitor that is hosted on a
>> shared
>> system that they can only change what they are responsible for and not
>> something else that is being monitored on that system.
>> Is there such a program out there?
> Hi
> I have been using Nagios for monitoring the network and a few servers.
> It works fine. It's not the easiest thing to get it working properly.
> Regards
> M.
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+1 for Nagios. I am using it in a enviroment of 500+ servers without a hitch.