[CentOS] Getting ready for CentOS 5.4

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 02:41:13 UTC 2009

Ross Walker wrote:
>> Les has been around a long time and certainly is knowledgeable about
>> many forms of UNIX, Linux, Windows and OS X. He seems to enjoy  
>> fomenting
>> discussions about what it is that Red Hat does in general that doesn't
>> suit him but given CentOS philosophy to track upstream as closely as
>> possible, there is no possibility that it will the distribution that
>> will totally satisfy his wants.
>> I see Ubuntu doing much the same things as Fedora and that probably
>> won't be as much of a change as he had hoped but c'est la vie.

Ubuntu has both fast turnover versions like fedora and LTS (long term 
support) versions with an enterprise flavor.

>> What he
>> actually wants is a distribution that flips the middle finger to all  
>> GPL
>> & Free License restrictions, comes with proprietary video drivers,
>> codecs, Sun Java, Adobe stuff, with the latest versions of most
>> everything but is stable.    I hope that he finds it.

I don't believe I've ever mentioned codecs specifically, but I don't 
want any restrictions on what I or someone else can add, even if it 
involves drivers or linking to other components.   And I do believe Red 
Hat has done enormous harm to java by shipping something that wasn't 
java and basically wouldn't work for years in both the fedora and RH 

> Hey Les, maybe it's OpenSolaris your looking for.

OpenSolaris still seems a little sort on drivers, but yes, I think 
OpenSolaris with a package manger and a large repository of packages 
maintained by a friendly community would be ideal.  That looks like 
where Nexenta is heading, but slowly.

> You should try it before it becomes OpenAIX.

I always thought Sun would be a better match for Apple to round out the 
client/server mix, but they are from somewhat different planets.  Is 
OpenSolaris still closely controlled by Sun?

   Les Mikesell
     lesmikesell at gmail.com

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