[CentOS] I see 5.3 ISO images on the mirrors

Sorin Srbu sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se
Wed Apr 1 07:30:19 UTC 2009

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>Sorin Srbu wrote:
>> Minor version upgrades (eg 5.2 > 5.3): yum update
>Not sure it matters but I usually do
>yum update yum rpm
>yum clean all
>yum update
>I heard elsewhere that there can be problems if you do not update glibc
>before updating the rest of the OS. I heard that after two of my boxes
>were already updated the above way and they didn't experience any
>issues, so maybe it was bogus, but it certainly can't hurt to do
>yum update glibc
>remote server, be sure to do it inside of screen.

I was a bit hasty there and didn't note the glibc needed to be updated

On another note, on a few of my systems, yum didn't pick up the new packages
unless I did a "yum clean all" first.

"Yum upgrade" or "yum update"? What's the take on that one here on the list?

Both seem to work. Superficially I don't see anything fishy doing either. Is
it one of those zen-things the linux-community seems to be so much into? ;-)
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