[CentOS] Upgrade

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Wed Apr 1 10:31:15 UTC 2009

Ned Slider wrote on Wed, 01 Apr 2009 03:34:03 +0100:

> You didn't wait for the official release announcement ;)

Why should he? Is he only allowed to run yum update after each official 
I still see no release announcement yet, but packages are already 
I think there is a flaw in the release cycle logic.
There's always a chance that despite of all the dependency checks a "half
-update" creates a problem while the "full update" would not.

Once the release is imminent (say two days before it, or maybe a week 
before it and before *any* new package is distributed) there should be an 
announcement that a release of the new minor version is due, so that 
anyone can prepare and not accidentally download and install only half of 
the packages because the mirror isn't fully equipped yet (and update any 
of the "old" packages where he's not up-to-date yet before he updates to 
the new minor version).
And after the release when it is safe to assume most mirrors have all the 
packages do the real announce.

Yes, you can follow this list and check yum update each day and assume 
that if after a long dry period new packages arrive that they must be part 
of 5.3 and wait a bit longer until all are available. But that's not 
really a clean solution. A preparation announcement would be.


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