[CentOS] Torrent tracker for CentOS v5.3 working properly?

Sorin Srbu sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se
Wed Apr 1 10:03:12 UTC 2009

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>> Thanks for the info. Checked the tracker in my torrent-client, and it's
>> same as yours. Seems I have a possible firewall-issue on my hands here.
>> OTOH, it's weird, as the one torrent works fine. Strange...
>Maybe this would help:

It does somewhat, thx.

I just now noticed that the Openoffice3 and a CenOS 5.2 torrent seed/upload
started again. So it seems both upload and download is actually working as
it should.

The question still stands on why only the one 5.3 download works though. It
*might* be the thing that John R Pierce said previously about some
torrent-clients nedding and using one torrent per port only. In my case
that'd be port 80 I guess. If so, that's a problem with my Azureus-client
and probably not something that should be discussed on this list, unless the
moderators agree this is relevant in sharing the new CentOS-releases over
bittorrent. 8-)

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