[CentOS] "Linux aux petits oignons" - Book about Linux, based on CentOS 5.x

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> Hi,
> I'm currently busy finishing "Linux aux petits oignons", a practical 
> introduction to Linux, aimed primarily at the frustrated Windows user. 
> This is the first of two volumes, it's written in french, and all 
> examples in the book are based on CentOS. (Note: looks like I'll have to 
> update some screenshots to 5.3 :oD)

Are there plans for an English version / translation?

> Usually the first question that arises is: why not base your book on 
> Ubuntu/Fedora/SuSE/whatever? I answer that question in the book, but in 
> short: I'm using Linux professionally, both on server and desktop, and 
> my distro of choice for both is CentOS. It's one of those rare distros 
> where you login and everything Just Works(tm). I'm aware of the few 
> drawbacks (recent hardware, latest version of apps, yadda yadda), but I 
> can live with that.
> Another thing you will maybe notice: I'm not shy about introducing 
> newbies to the commandline. Usually Linux books for beginners seem more 
> and more GUI-centered, but I'm taking the opposite way, preferring to 
> explain simple and basic UNIX concepts. (The heck if I lose 90% of 
> prospective readers who will rather go off and buy "Simple comme Ubuntu" 
> :oD)
> Here's the - almost - final version of the manuscript. It will go to the 
> graphist sometime next week. Until then, maybe you're curious and want 
> to take a glimpse:
> http://www.kikinovak.net/download/LinuxAuxPetitsOignons.pdf
> http://www.kikinovak.net/download/Captures.tar.gz
> If you have any comments, suggestions, if you want to point out the odd 
> typo or mistake, feel free to do so. I can take them into account until 
> maybe the end of next week, before the folks in the layout department do 
> their job.
> One last thing: since this is not the final version, please don't 
> disseminate it too much.
> Enjoy,
> Niki Kovacs (a.k.a Kiki Novak)
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