[CentOS] bash_logout

Christoph Neuhaus nihil14 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 16:34:53 UTC 2009

> Hi, I was searching for the system wide bash_logout and couldn't find any
> documentation on it.

There is no system wide bash_logout, according to the bash man page,  
CentOS 4.7.

Instead look at the way a system wide bashrc is included in ~/.bashrc:
   [ -f /etc/bashrc ] && . /etc/bashrc
You could do the same in ~/.bash_logout:
   [ -f /etc/bash_logout ] && . /etc/bashrc

If you want to include that line for every new user's ~/.bash_logout, add  
it to the file /etc/skel/.bash_logout, then create the user(s).


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