[CentOS] Two sets of Heartbeat HTTPD clusters on same subnet

Per Qvindesland per at norhex.com
Wed Apr 1 17:11:37 UTC 2009

Even better do it your self it's not really difficould:
try assigning different udp port for broadcast in both the
clusters, default port used is #udpport 694 you also need them to be
running in different chroot environments.

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SUBJECT: Re: [CentOS] Two sets of Heartbeat HTTPD clusters on same
FROM:  "Kumar, Ashish" 
TO: "CentOS mailing list" 
DATE: 01-04-2009 18:03

> Is it possible to have two sets of clusters in the one IP subnet?

Indeed, it is

> If yes what do I have to change so these clusters don't send
> to the wrong nodes.

Somebody might be able to help if you post your configuration files
(ha.cf and haresources) for both clusters.
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