[CentOS] bash_logout

John Doe jdmls at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 1 16:17:54 UTC 2009

From: Paul A <razor at meganet.net>
> Hi, I was searching for the system wide bash_logout and couldn’t
> find any documentation on it.
> If I create a file ~/.bash_logout file it gets executed when
> the user logs out but when I create a system wide /etc/bash_logout it doesn’t
> work.
> Not what the issue is since I couldn’t find anything
> on that.

The bash man page does not mention any global logout file...

              The bash executable
              The systemwide initialization file, executed for login shells
              The personal initialization file, executed for login shells
              The individual per-interactive-shell startup file
              The  individual  login shell cleanup file, executed when a login
              shell exits
              Individual readline initialization file

You could modify the one in /etc/skels but it would only apply to new users, and can be changed by them later...
Or, you could chown/chmod the ~/.bash_logout and put '. ~/.bash_logout.user' in it...



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